Upward Data is a recruitment agency by direct approach. Its scope of intervention focuses mainly on data-related jobs, as its name suggests.

Upward Data is part of the Upward Group. The group also has two distinct Business Units: Upward Consulting, Upward Legal and Upward Fashion (soon !).

What makes us special: Upward Data has been built upon three principles.

Empathy: as recruitment consultants, we consider ourselves as coaches for both the candidates and the companies, and we are willing to answer to any of their questions. We also share any relevant knowledge with them in order to help them bulk up their careers and/or businesses. Our website is namely packed with multiple advices about career management issues. We believe that a good match between a candidate and a firm can only be achieved thanks to an in-depth understanding of expectations and requirements on both sides. All the more reasons to support and exchange with each and every interlocutor of ours during the whole recruitment process…and keep in touch with them after the hiring mission is done (and well done)!

Expertise: our strategy is to remain focused on juridical-related professions. Being highly specialized enables us to maximize our efficiency, as every single consultant is an expert on the whole Data market. They therefore have an excellent understanding of the firms’ needs and are able to provide the most suitable answers to any problem faced. We pay a lot of attention to every particular requirement as well, and help our customers to create a precise bill of specifications in order to define the profile which perfectly suits their needs. We also distinguish ourselves by the quality of the service we provide: we send perfectly targeted candidates and keep the client informed thanks to a thorough reporting.

Ambition: we believe that Upward Data’s ambition should be on par with of our clients’ and candidates’. It truly has become the driving force behind our performance and growth. As we always strive to create a high added value, this ambition is reflected in our daily life. It urges us to constantly challenge our collaborators, as well as optimizing our practices, in order to provide a quality of service which suits our clients’ expectations. We also are at the forefront of innovation as far as recruitment methods are concerned.

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We are committed to make you benefit from our expertise and guarantee you tailor-made, high quality services, thanks to our strict engagements toward you. Upward approaches every mission with a structured methodology:

Who we are

Preparatory phase

During a first meeting, we elaborate a bill of specifications together with the customer, taking into consideration both the particularities of the firm (identity, culture, work environment…) and the resulting characteristics required as far as the candidate is concerned. We also determine together the scope of the mission, and possibly suggest trails of optimization for the job description.

After setting up a hunting method which suits your needs best, we use all the agency’s resources in order to satisfy your demands and carry out the missions you entrust us with. Also, we always make sure to choose hunting territories which prevent us from missing any profile corresponding to the position to be filled.

Who we are

Refining the framework

After a week of direct approach, we send our first results to the client in order to check with them if the resumes of the first candidates we selected match with their requirements. We also provide some information about the candidate’s response to the customer’s offer. We finally determine what know-hows and soft skills should be tested during interviews with candidates.

About a month after the beginning of the mission, we take stock of it: debriefing after the client met with the candidates from our shortlist, determining the references checked to be carried out, enlarging the hunting perimeter if needed, improving our collaboration overall…

Who we are

Final report & follow-up phase

Toward the end of the mission, we write a thorough report in which we share our conclusions about it, and in which we explain to the client what the best recruitment strategy is, according to us.

Our job is not done after the hiring is completed: we ensure a proper integration of the candidate by following him or her during the first months after he or she took position. In case of a mismatch, we find a new candidate for free.

Who we are

The Upward Touch

We respect a strict confidentiality about the missions and we respect all your off-limits constraints. We also make you benefit from a personalized accompaniment and share our expertise with you (feedbacks about the market, improvement of your recruitment process…).

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